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TAMBULADEIRA (Taste-Vin), insignia of many bacchic confraternities, is a small metal cup-shaped shell, traditionally used by sommeliers in the taste of wine, allowing the evaluation of its colour, body and aroma. But now TAMBULADEIRA is also the name of our company, which selects and exports Portuguese wines to strategic markets.

Thus, as the taster tool, TAMBULADEIRA permits the importer to taste the Portuguese wine in all its splendor, taste and tradition, and choose his favorites ones for his market.

In a globalized economy, TAMBULADEIRA assumes its differentiation, reducing costs, resources and time to the importer, which will have only one partner and an extensive support for marketing and distribution in his territory, in the access to a set strictly selected of Portuguese producers from some of the main viticultural regions, with an excellent ratio quality to price, within a total portfolio of 40 different wines.

Tambuladeira was created by Gabriela Mott and Dora Pessoa.

Gabriela Mott was born in Brazil but lives in Portugal for more than twelve years, where she came to work as Manager of a Multinational. During her many travels, she always loved to present a good Portuguese wine to its customers, wines with peculiar names from small producers, crops and grapes that nobody knows except in Portugal.

She then created Tambuladeira in 2010 in order to introduce customers worldwide to wines from small producers in Portugal. Today it is a successful company with a very carefully selected portfolio that exports to countries such as the United States, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany and Australia.

During the process of looking for artisanal wineries held by local producers that only produced small amounts, during the first year she visited the most influent regions as a result of some suggestions, gathering very unique information that few know of. This search continues to be made on a regular basis, enabling Gabriela Mott to gather, all throughout these years, precious and unlikely contacts.

She always advised travelers who asked for information, suggesting regions, wineries, restaurants, charming hotels, and even itineraries. As a result, she embraced the idea of creating the company Tambu Routes, in order to pursue this activity that gives her so much pleasure.

Dora Pessoa is Brazilian, graduated in Cinema and lives in São Paulo. After an extended period living in Spain, Dora deepened her knowledge in the field of wine. After having met Gabriela and the Portuguese wines, she decided to join the Tambuladeira team.


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